Household Items for Sale in Mill Hall, PA

New overstock
Saw runs I believe there is supposed to be a outer cover on the muffler this saw is scary and I do not recommend it to be used to cut wood since there are no safety features on the saw nice wall hanger
Saw has spark 115 psi compression
Saw has spark there are some scuffs on the piston might be salvageable missing top cover screw one muffler bolt and the air filter needs replaced
Saw has spark saw is scored good parts saw
Saw has spark compression release is working saw generates 90 psi on one pull
Saw runs need adjusted or possibly more work done top cover says 575 id tag says 576 saw is missing a part to the rear handle and the hand guard is cracked
Nos full wrap handle
Saw has spark 150 psi compression saw won't start
Saw has very low compression saw has spark
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